Fairy Tail 163 English Sub Online Streaming

Another round of great action is up for grabs in the upcoming fairy tail episode 163. I know that you are excited as I am in watching this episode now that our heroes have finally broken into their first official win. The grand magic games continues with great matches that promises unrivaled action packed with unexpected twists. In the recent episode, Toby was defeated by Blacksnake of Raven Tail.

As usual, members of the new guild are ruthless and quite unfriendly. Blacksnake has destroyed Toby’s long lost socks which the latter valued the most. On the other hand, the king of Fiore is expecting a fight between Bacchus and Erza but instead, Bacchus wast matched up with Elfman. The king was frustrated but nevertheless, the fight turned out to be an epic one.
Fairy Tail 163

Fairy Tail 163 Streaming

Even if elfman transformed to his beast soul weretiger, still he couldn’t land a single blow. This is because Bacchus is using a very orthodox technique that allows him to converge magic in the palm of his hands. In addition to this, he has mastered an unusual kind of martial arts called the cleaving hook palm. What’s even more impressive is that Bacchus have reformed this type of martial arts incorporating high spirit from drinking booze which he calls the drunken cleaving hook palm. Though Elfman seemed to be at a disadvantage, he gave his all by transforming into a scaled lizard. Both warriors gave their full strength in the fight and at last, Elfman wins. The fight was incredibly awesome and the people applauded instantaneously. There is only one word I can describe and its a fight frenzy. Watch fairy tail 163 online streaming next week to see some more action. Get the video in raw or with english sub titles right on its release date.

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