One Piece Episode 579 English Sub Online Streaming

For a moment, I thought Luffy was a goner. It really made my heart beat faster and my knees very shaky seeing that the captain of the Straw Hat pirates is being defeated. Shuzo was really strong, rising up to rival Luffy’s strength and skills and he almost defeated Luffy in hand to hand combat. Good thing Lily was there to help him out defeat this multi-armed neo pirate.

For sure you are anticipating the release date of one piece episode 579 which we all know has a lot of great action and adventure.

One Piece Episode 579

One Piece Episode 579

In the recent episode, Luffy fought a good fight with Shuzo. It’s really surprising to know that there are a lot of strong opponents in the new world. Luffy and his crew must take their journey cautiously if they wanted to make it to the top. Watch one piece 579 next week and enjoy a new breed of action as master Z is about to unleash his full force to obliterate all pirates. Join us again for another heart pounding action in the most anticipated online streaming video next week. Get to watch this episode in raw or with english sub titles.

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