The Beaches of Glan Sarangani

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Over crowded beach this summer? Here is an uncommon getaway that will soothe your senses with its white sand beaches. Enjoy the beaches of Glan, Sarangani. Glan is the largest town in the province of Sarangani. The province boasts of world class beach resorts and rich fishing grounds. Its terrain is characterized by flatlands, rolling hills and mountains. Land areas in Glan were converted to agriculture and fishponds. Many tourists local and foreign go to Glan during the summer months because of its wonderful beach resorts.

Glan Sarangani Beaches

Glan Sarangani Beaches

Glan started in October 8, 1914 as Colony no. 9 of the colonization project of the government. On its early stages, the administration was solely in the hands of the superintendents but as the colonists and their needs multiplied, the government function passed into the hands of the deputy governor who was the commanding officer of the local force of the Philippine police.

Glan is a 1st class municipality in Sarangani and is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay while on the east by Davao del Sur, and on the south by Celebes Sea. The town is largely an agricultural place and copra is the main source of living. Aquaculture is the second biggest income earner for its milkfish, shrimps and other marine produce. Other agricultural product that helps the town’s economy are coconuts, maize, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, pork, eggs, beef and fish.

Glan can be reached from Manila and Cebu by airplane going to General Santos City. From General Santos City, take a van going to Sarangani then from Sarangani take a motorcycle going to Glan. Go shopping for basic items in Sarangani or General Santos city because Glan is still undeveloped. Establishments here are very limited.

Glan Sarangani is a favorite vacation site because it boasts of thousands of marine life. It has approximately 2,400 marine species which include mackerel, yellow fin tuna and shipjack. Waters of Glan Sarangani particularly Gumasa, Baliton and Margus beaches are rich of fishing grounds, while sports fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities in this area.

Meanwhile, the Glan, Sarangani beaches are considered by some tourists who have visited the place as one of the Philippines best beaches. The municipality of Glan was called the “Boracay of the South” without the usual crowd of Boracay. Extensive stretches of sparkling white sands abound the place. The most popular beach in the area is the Gumasa White Sand Beach. It is a 240 meters of very white coral sand with crystal blue waters and fabulous coral reefs. Other beaches in Glan that are equally beautiful are the Coco Beach, Tulan Beach and  White Haven Beach.

There are some secluded vacation spots in Glan, Sarangani. Most of it are surrounded by green vegetation, coconut trees, shrubs, unique flowers that are never before seen that added beauty to the place. The white sand beach with rocky hills and waves gently wash the shore while cool sea breeze whirled around the place. A magnificent view of the sunset will captivate visitors of the place. Unlike other famous vacation spots frequented by people, gives a visitor a feeling of exclusivity in the island. Visitors will get to enjoy sumptuous sea foods of both salt and fresh water fishes and other exotic delicacies that are only found in Glan.

What is the best time to visit Glan? from January to March and August to December. Rainy months are from June to August. Though with or without rains, there are still much to see and experience in Glan. Caves, waterfalls, historic architecture, flora and fauna await visitors of this place. Visit Glan and see for yourself.

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