The Beautiful Libacao Wild River in Aklan

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There are lots of water sports to try when visiting the beautiful islands here in the Philippines. Lots of beaches can be found in the country that is why water sports like diving, surfing and others are becoming more and more popular in the archipelago. One of them is the Libacao Wild River in Aklan which offers more than just a water sports. The wild river also offers an extreme adventure for tourists who are brave enough to challenge the wild river’s powerful rapids and currents. It is considered to be the longest river in the Philippines and an excellent spot for bamboo rafting, kayaking and other extreme water sports.

Libacao Wild River

Libacao Wild River Aklan

The municipality of Libacao is located 29 kilometers southwest of Aklan. The town has a land area of 45,091 hectares and its municipality serves as home to the island’s indigenous communities and is considered to be the keeper of Aklan’s ethnic culture. They have a distinct traditions and cultures that have been preserved and spared from the influence of modern living.

Libacao is a 4th class municipality of Aklan located at Region 6. Yet, reaching Aklan is not difficult because of the immense popularity of Boracay island. When Boracay became one of the province tourist attractions, road construction, airports and bus routes have increased. Aklan can be reached by land, water or air. From Manila, it will only take 45 minutes to Kalibo International Airport via major airlines company. There are also international routes to Kalibo. While regular flights to and from Caticlan brings tourists to the Famous Boracay island. There are also regular flights from Manila to Kalibo, or one can travel by sea to Dumaguit or New Washington port. Lastly, try the regular jeepney or bus trips travel from Kalibo to Libacao which is approximately 29 kilometers southwest of this capital.

The Libacao wild river is one of the most challenging adventure destinations in Aklan. The vast area of water that flows from this river makes it the main source of water supply and farm irrigation. It also has a powerful current that makes the river an ideal venue for different and extreme water sports. Like, kayaking. Its current is powerful enough to carry people on high speed as they travel the length of the river, and experience the thrills of the rapids as it bounces up and down on the raging waters. Kayaking is an activity that will test ones courage and endurance, but with a lot of fun and excitement. You can also try the bamboo rafting that will enable you to see the beauty of the river side and see fresh water fish playing below as the raft travels on the clear and calm river part.

You can also try the outdoor adventures such as jungle and mountain trekking and rock climbing as the town still boasts of largest remaining forest covers in the entire Panay Island. Explore and enjoy their wild areas which include green valleys, high mountain ranges, natural springs and creek that features exotic plants and animals as well. Also, get a chance to visit the Boray falls in Barangay Rosal. This is one of the most prominent natural wonders in town. It has 4 ascending basins that falls at the height of 1,000 ft. Accessibility is not a problem. It can be reached by foot in 30 minutes from the town proper.

Aside from the Libacao wild river adventure, one can also get to experience the natural beauty of Aklan’s forest and its natural wonders. Grab the opportunity to discover the beauty of this province. It is a perfect place to commune with nature. Explore Libacao Wild river at Aklan.

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